Amharic ABC Embroidery

Welcome to the Amharic ABC Ambroidery website !

You will find in these pages all necessary design packages to make cross-stitch of the Amharic ABC Embroidery.

Firstly, you will find here below some links to the original documents I used to make the design packages (GIF images and PDF document). To make it easier, the Amharic ABC has been splitted into an array of 34 rows * 7 columns (see the "Original alphabet with legend (GIF image)" link).

Secondly, you will find several patterns, depending of what you want to make: Embroidery title, the Full Amharic ABC in a single image, Arrays of characters sorted by single characters (238 GIF images), by rows (34 GIF images) or by columns (7 GIF images).

At last, you will find a page with pictures of Amharic samples.

You can also download the ZIP file of this full package.
Please contact me if you want to get the working documents (Photoshop - PSD files).

Enjoy it... and feel free to contact me to give me your feedback, and why not, pictures of your own works !


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